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Fighting to win a criminal case may well be the most consequential, consuming, and costly experience of a person's life. It takes time, commitment, and complete dedication towards an ultimate goal.
If you are visiting this website, then the chances are that you, or someone you care about, has this experience ahead of them. In finding the right attorney, you have a critical decision to make - how much do you truly care about the impact and effects of a criminal conviction on your life, on your career, and on your future? If you can live with the punishment that the criminal justice system has in store, whatever that may be, then this is not the firm for you. There are scores of competent criminal lawyers who can plead you guilty and get you sentenced at a cheap price. If that is what you are looking for, then read no further.
If however, the outcome of this case means everything to you; if you look at this matter as one of the most important battles of your life; and if you need to put yourself in the best possible position to win; then consider us amongst the few select trial lawyers you have to choose from.

Philip Kent Cohen, APC

Practice Areas


Drug crimes vary in severity from misdemeanor possession of marijuana to felony trafficking and conspiracy at both the state and federal level.


White collar crimes, such as theft, fraud, and embezzlement, carry serious consequences that often include significant jail time.


Violent crimes range in severity from simple assault to more serious crimes such as domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, robbery, and homicide.


California takes driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) crimes very seriously, and even a single conviction can significantly impact a person’s life.


Even misdemeanors such as jaywalking, public intoxication, and habitual traffic offenses can have serious consequences on a person’s life, young or old.


Mr. Cohen brings his trial skills to a select number of civil litigation matters, including claims of police abuse and civil rights violations.