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Philip Kent Cohen, APC

Practice Areas

With experience representing criminal defendants in more than 30 state and federal jurisdictions throughout the United States, the attorneys at Philip Kent Cohen, APC are adept at handling all criminal defense matters, including complex and high-profile matters. Please see the representative cases page for further information on past and present matters our attorneys have been involved in.

Regardless of the crime the client is charged with, it is important to hire an experienced defense attorney who understands the procedures and brings a dynamic, proactive, and creative approach to each case, whether it is misdemeanor jaywalking or first-degree felony murder. The attorneys at Philip Kent Cohen, APC work tirelessly to find law enforcement error, trial error, inconsistency in evidence or witness testimony, ineffective prior counsel, and any other factor that might result in an acquittal, mistrial, or dismissal.

In addition to being an exceptional trial attorney, Mr. Cohen understands the sensitive nature of many of the high-profile cases he handles. Even minor crimes can have a significant impact on a person’s life, and Mr. Cohen is skilled at handling media attention surrounding cases he handles. This preserves the privacy of his clients and allows them to focus on fighting the criminal charges and moving on with their lives.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes vary in severity from misdemeanor possession of marijuana to felony trafficking and conspiracy at both the state and federal level.

Economic and White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes, such as theft, fraud, and embezzlement, carry serious consequences that often include significant jail time.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes range in severity from simple assault to more serious crimes such as domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, robbery, and homicide.


California takes driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) crimes very seriously, and even a single conviction


Even misdemeanors such as jaywalking, public intoxication, and habitual traffic offenses can have serious consequences on a person’s life.

Appellate and Post-conviction Proceedings

When the prosecution secures a conviction, the case is not over. Many times, a conviction can be reversed on appeal or through a writ

Civil Litigation Matters

While the firm’s practice focuses on criminal defense matters, Mr. Cohen is currently representing clients in an increasing number of civil litigation cases.